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(3) egg omelet with your choice of (1) cheese: American | Cheddar | Pepper-Jack | Mozzarella | Feta 

Add In your favorites:

+$0.75 kale | onion | bell pepper | mushroom | tomato | nopales | green chiles | jalapeno

+$0.99 bacon | sausage | ham | canadian bacon | chorizo | chicken | spinach | avocado | hollandaise | chili verde salsa | extra cheese

(Select 1)Cheese Choice:American Cheddar Pepper Jack Mozzarella Feta Swiss NO Cheese
(Optional) Favorite Add-Ins:Kale +$1Onion +$1Bell Pepper +$1Mushroom +$1Tomato +$1Green Chiles +$1Jalapenos +$1Nopales +$1Bacon +$1.50Sausage +$1.50Ham +$1.50Canadian Bacon +$1.50Chorizo +$1.50Chicken +$1.50Spinach +$1.50Avocado +$1.50Hollandaise +$1.50Chili Verde Salsa +$1.50
(Optional) Add Cheese:American +$1Cheddar +$1Pepper Jack +$1Mozzarella +$1Feta +$1Swiss +$1
(Select 1) Side Choice:Home Fries Curly Fries Tater Tots Fresh Fruit Cottage Cheese Yogurt Sliced Tomatoes Sauteed Vegetables Mini Parfait +$0.99Berries +$0.99
(Select 1) Toast Choice:White Wheat Rye Sourdough English Muffin Biscuit Plain Bagel +$2Everything Bagel +$2One Pancake +$1Two Pancakes +$2One Gluten-free Pancake +$2Two Gluten-free Pancakes +$3One French Toast +$2Two French Toast +$31/2 Waffle +$3Sm. Gluten-Free Waffle +$4