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I want 3 Items (Select Any 3):Cheddar Cheese Omelet (2) Eggs Your Way (select egg style below, if none chosen eggs will come scrambled) Fresh Fruit Small Oatmeal Mini Parfait Yogurt One Biscuit & Gravy Sausage Chorizo Bacon Canadian Bacon Ham Diced Grilled Chicken Hamburger Patty +$2.50Corned Beef Hash +$2.50Home Fries Tater Tots Curly Fries Cottage Cheese Berries House Salad Sauteed Veggies (2) Crepes - Plain (2) Crepes - Berry (2) Crepes - Banana Nutella (2) Crepes - Featured (2) Pancakes - Gluten-Free +$0.99(2) French Toast 1/2 Waffle +$1Full Waffle +$21/2 Gluten Free Waffle +$1.99Full Gluten Free Waffle +$2.99White Toast Wheat Toast Rye Toast Sourdough Toast English Muffin Toasted
Egg Styles (optional if choosing Eggs):Scrambled Scrambled with Cheese (cheddar) +$0.99Egg Whites +$0.99Sunny Side Up Over Easy Over Medium Over Med/Hard Over Hard Poached Easy Poached Medium Poached Med/Hard Poached Hard Basted
(Optional) Sweet Toppings:Strawberries +$0.99Blueberries +$0.99Chocolate Chips +$0.99Walnuts +$0.99Bananas +$0.99Nutella +$0.99Berry Sauce +$0.99Whipped Cream +$0.99Chocolate Syrup +$0.99Featured +$2.50