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Sunnyside Breakfast


Two whole eggs cooked the way you enjoy with your choice of ham, bacon, sausage, canadian bacon or chorizo. Served with choice of (1) side and your choice of toasted wheat, white, rye, sourdough or English muffin.

(Select 1) Meat:Bacon Sausage Ham Canadian Bacon Chorizo
(Select 1) Egg Styles:Scrambled Scrambled with Cheese (cheddar) +$0.99Egg Whites +$0.99Sunny Side Up Over Easy Over Medium Over Med/Hard Over Hard Poached Easy Poached Medium Poached Med/Hard Poached Hard Basted No Eggs
(Select 1) Toast Choice:White Wheat Rye Sourdough English Muffin Biscuit Plain Bagel +$2Everything Bagel +$2One Pancake +$1Two Pancakes +$2One Gluten-free Pancake +$2Two Gluten-free Pancakes +$3One French Toast +$2Two French Toast +$31/2 Waffle +$3Sm. Gluten-Free Waffle +$4